Callie +: 6 Week Exercise Program & Kit
  • 1 x Callie Kit

        - Loop band

        - Resistance band

        - Sliders

        - Skipping rope

  • 6-week online guided exercise classes 

        - 3 x 10-15 min sessions per week

  • PT consult

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Callie + FAQs

What is Callie Plus and how does it work?

Callie Plus was designed for people 50+ who have noticed a decrease in strength, flexibility, cardio fitness or ability to perform day to day activities like they once did (picking up Grandchildren, sitting on the floor and getting back up, walking up stairs or a hill etc)

How do I access the sessions?

We will send you a link via email or Facebook Messenger every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for 6 weeks to a recorded video of the session for the day.

If those days don't suit, you can do your session on any day that works for you, we just recommend you leave a day between each session particularly for weeks 1-2 until you've got your groove back.

Do I need any equipment?

Some sessions will use a chair or kitchen bench, but all sessions have been designed to be completed at home.

Weeks 3-6 you will need a Callie Kit as we step up the exercises & aim to build strength.

What is involved in the exercise sessions?

Each session runs for just 10-15 minutes. You will do the same exercises for the whole week, but increase the number of repetitions (so day 3 of week 1 will be slightly longer than day 1). Each week of the 6-week program you will see new exercises.

The exercises are completely guided by Char Fisher, founder of Callie Fit. Example exercises include modified versions of:

  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Balance exercises
  • Tricep extensions

How much does it cost?

Callie plus is a 6 week program that includes 3 recorded classes per week.

The cost of the 6 week program is just $19 when you purchase the Callie Kit. (total cost $99)

I have never exercised before - is this for me?

Absolutely! Callie Plus is designed for the 50+, whether you've been an exerciser in your past, or never seen inside a gym. All sessions are completely guided & we'll start you off with a Zoom PT consult to answer any questions/concerns you might have.

I used to exercise a lot - will this be too easy?

This is hard to say without knowing your abilities. Callie plus was designed to get you back in the game, so does start off with the basics to build your strength and confidence.

If you start Callie Plus and are finding it far too easy, we will happily swap your credit onto our Callie App with more advanced exercise classes (20-40 min Pilates, HIIT, strength classes).