The Callie Kit

Our goal at Callie is to give you the ability to workout anywhere and at anytime. In order to do that we have spent a lot of time cramming every piece of equipment you typically find in a gym, into a small canvas bag that weighs just 500 grams.

The kit includes the following equipment to give you a full body workout:

  • Resistance strength band (green)
  • Resistance loop band (blue)
  • Sliders
  • Skipping rope

 Read on to learn why we chose these pieces of equipment.

Your Resistance Bands

Your resistance bands are designed to add resistance to your muscles to make them work harder. You can use them for any exercise you would typically use weights for in the gym. 

The long green band can be anchored to any door, table or just about anything so that you can work on your arms or legs. Whereas the smaller blue band is great to add a little resistance to your legs during burpees, squats and the alike.

The bands work by adding progressive resistance. When you lift a dumbbell its weight provides the resistance that builds your muscle. When you pull on a resistance band the same thing happens, however the resistance is provided by the elastic strength of the band. 

The great thing about resistance bands is if you want to lift heavier, instead of needing lots of different weights, just grip further down the band to increase the resistance. 

 Want to learn more about resistance bands and our top 5 exercises to try with each band? Click on the link below

Your Sliders

You can use your sliders to target every muscle group in your body by adding instability to your exercises. For our pilates fans out there, no need for a reformer bed when you can tackle your skaters, lunges, pikes, planks and more with these two little sliders!

The reason slider exercises are so effective is because they change the amount of friction that exists between your body and the ground. You have to really engage your muscle groups to control the movement and stop yourself from sliding around. Your large muscles, particularly in your shoulders, glutes and core, have to engage to keep your body stable, which means you'll be working hard throughout the entire movement.

 Want to learn more about sliders and our top 5 exercises to try with each band? Click below:

Your Skipping Rope

Your skipping rope replicates your cardio workout in the confinement of your living room. Lightweight, easy to adjust, perfect for all abilities and really gets your heart beating! If you usually use the tread mill or rowing machine in the gym, or just like to go for a run, this is for you. 

When using a skipping rope you can burn 1,300 calories an hour compared to only 600 whilst jogging or 700 if you're cycling. So 10 minutes on the rope is the same as running nearly 3km, not to mention the fact it's much better for your joints.

The benefits aren't just cardio however, skipping requires upper arm, torso and back muscles to stabilise the body, so it gives you more of a full body workout than you might think.

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The Callie App

With the Callie App you will receive new workouts each week specially designed for your Callie kit. 

We have a group of awesome trainers who will guide you through no matter if you like pilates, HIIT, to workout in your living room, in the park or even at the beach!