Guided Classes for your 2nd & 3rd Trimester

Callie's Prenatal Pilates

Our prenatal classes have been designed by our trainer Ellie who is a fully trained in pre & post natal pilates. Each session is formulated to help you build & maintain the strength you need to grow a tiny human - with a focus on pelvic floor activation. At the beginning of your second & third trimester Ellie will guide you through the main changes in your exercise routine as well provide a range of guided sessions you can do in your own time.

  • Overview of exercising when pregnant

  • 15 min Zoom PT consult 

  • Intro pilates session for each trimester - focusing on what you will need to change in your workouts

  • A library of guided pre-natal pilates classes suitable for each trimester of pregnancy

  • Private FB group to share your journey & ask our trainers questions

To ensure we can provide assistance and feedback to each Mum-to-be we are taking a limited first intake for our prenatal pilates. Please register your interest below:

Callie's Prenatal classes can be purchased by trimester & will be available on the Callie App 

All you need is your  Callie Kit & an internet connection

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